Um, Uh, Like…. Reducing the Filler Words in Your Speech or Presentations

Are filler words bad? Short answer- not always. Filler words are a necessary function for interpersonal communication. In one-on-one or small group communication, they serve a purpose in the concept of speech reciprocity. Essentially, filler words signal to the listener that you are still completing a thought and that it is not their turn to[…]

Investing in People: Talent Development as a Sustainable Business Practice

In today’s marketplace, the competition over attracting and retaining talented employees is fierce. With so many options, it is the workforce marketplace that is driving innovative approaches to create a career experience that is more than just a paycheck. There is a unique opportunity for businesses to make an investment that can pay dividends year[…]

Behaviorally Intelligent Listening Skills

Last week I was invited to give a talk on a variety of topics including Dynamic Listening Skills. One of my preferred methods to use is a tactic called, “What if?” This is a simple exercise where the person makes “what if” statements and uses them to drive new ideas or concepts. For example: What[…]