Rebel Nell Partners with Coeus Creative Group to Expand Social Impact


Coeus & Rebel Nell Logos - Expanding Social Impact

Rebel Nell Partners with Coeus Creative Group to Expand Social Impact

Detroit, Michigan – Rebel Nell, the socially conscious jewelry company empowering women, has partnered with Coeus Creative Group, an international talent development agency with a focus on driving social impact. The collaboration aims to expand Rebel Nell’s reach and amplify its mission to create sustainable change for marginalized communities.

Rebel Nell was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing underserved women a route to self-sufficiency and equitable opportunity in the City of Detroit. The company repurposes graffiti and other materials into unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, with proceeds going towards supporting the women artisans who make them. Rebel Nell has since grown into a social enterprise that provides job training, education, and holistic support to its employees.

Coeus Creative Group is a mission-driven agency that partners with corporate and non-profit organizations to improve their behaviors and achieve success. The agency is committed to using its expertise to drive behavioral change and increase people’s and organization’s ability to transform the way they communicate, lead, and grow.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Coeus Creative Group to further our mission of empowering women in Detroit and beyond,” said Amy Peterson, co-founder and CEO of Rebel Nell. “Their experience and passion for developing meaningful training workshops will help us reach new audiences and raise awareness for our important work.”

Through this partnership, Rebel Nell and Coeus Creative Group will work together to offer engaging executive and team-focused training sessions that help improve and foster cohesion and high-performance cultures, all while creating sustainable impact. The collaboration will include a co-branded mural experience that allow participants to create intentional art pieces that can be turned into wearable reminders, increasing awareness and driving sales that support Rebel Nell’s mission.

“We are honored to partner with Rebel Nell and help amplify their incredible work,” said Jay Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Coeus Creative Group. “Our team is passionate about using our skills to create positive change, and we believe that Rebel Nell’s mission aligns perfectly with our values.”

The partnership between Rebel Nell and Coeus Creative Group is a testament to the power of collaboration to create sustainable change and drive impact for marginalized communities.


  • Amy Peterson, Rebel Nell, amy@rebelnell.com (313) 288-8825
  • Jay Johnson, Coeus Creative Group, jay@coeuscreativegroup.com (313) 802-1602