Celebrating National Ice Cream Month: Our Trainings as Popular Ice Cream Flavors

July is National Ice Cream Month! This is a holiday we’re excited to celebrate all month long, and to kick things off, we’re highlighting some of our favorite ice cream flavors…. As some of our upcoming trainings from Titan Skills Academy!

Cookies & Cream – This flavor is a new take on the time old classics, chocolate and vanilla. One could say cookies & cream is a rebranded version of the two, which is why Personal Branding is the perfect training to pair with this flavor. Much like cookies & cream, our Personal Branding training touches on how to build your brand while keeping your integrity intact.

Butter Pecan – Butter Pecan is an old, southern favorite. This salty and sweet flavor has stood the test of time, which is why we think it represents our Working Across Generations training. As Generation Z enters the workforce, many businesses and corporations will need to understand Working Across Generations to hold up for years to come, just like butter pecan.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – The ultimate indulgence; chocolate chip cookie dough combines two desserts into one, which is the best representation of Self Care. While eating an entire pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream might be a form of self-care to some, our training will share forms of self-care that will nourish both your mind AND your body.

Rocky Road – Rocky Road has both a rich flavor and history, as it was created during the Wall Street Crash of 1929. While the flavor is delightful, its a reminder of a challenging time, which is why Crisis Management is the perfect training to pair with it. This training shares all the tips, tricks, and secrets for behaviorally intelligent and effective Crisis Management to help your organization get through a difficult time.

Mint Chocolate Chip – This flavor has always been a stand out from the crowd and is one of the earliest examples of innovation in ice cream flavors. Our Creativity and Curiosity training will teach you how to foster ideas, creativity, development, and curiosity into innovation and success, just like mint chocolate chip.

Superman – This ice cream is typically exclusive to the Midwest and combines the flavors of blue moon, red pop, and vanilla. Its name comes from its red, blue, and yellow color, which is also synonymous with Superman’s suit. This flavor leads in popularity in the Midwest, specifically Michigan, and along with its titular superhero, is the perfect example of Effective Leadership. The Effective Leadership training will share tips and tricks for those in leadership positions to rally their people and lead effectively.

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