Your Work Space Set Up According to Your BE Type

From Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and DISC, to your love language and zodiac sign; people love learning about what makes them, them. While these tests can help you understand your personality traits, most don’t consider the element of choice and how behavior can change.

With our Behavioral Elements assessment, you can learn your own pattern of behavior to quickly and accurately assess the patterns of others. Becoming aware of our behavioral patterns and preferences empowers us to make better choices both personally and professionally.

One of those factors that will affect your choices and behaviors professionally is your work space. Want to feel the most inspired to do your job? Find out which setting is the best for your Behavioral Elements type below:



The Water element in our behavioral profile is the development force in an organization. With a strong focus on people, the Water type is driven by collaboration and cooperation. If you identify as a Water, you will thrive in an open, collaborative work space. Not having the restriction of individual offices or cubicles will leave you feeling energized and empowered by your people. These office settings allow for teamwork versus competition and will increase collaboration and morale.




Our Air element is the creative inspiration in an organization. With out of the box thinking and a passion or curiosity, the Air type pioneers revolutionary ideas and enjoys engaging in brainstorming and thought experiments. For the Air type, a team-focused workspace will help you brainstorm your individual teams. This workspace is much like an open office, but is divided into dedicated spaces for your varying departments and/or teams. This combination will encourage the Air and their team to be innovative, solution-focused, and dynamic.




The Fire element is a driving force in any scenario or organization. If you identify as a Fire, you might find yourself competitive, results focused, and goal oriented; and a traditional work space will highlight those characteristics. As a Fire type you might find yourself in a leadership role in addition to your competitive-nature, this means you find comfort in the hierarchy feeling private offices convey. For others, your personality can come off as passionate and driven, but also impulsive and direct, which can sometimes feel abrasive to your team. A private office set-up gives your team the space to decompress from your sometimes dominating behaviors.


work space earth


The Earth element is the structure and form within the organization. They keep grounded by following processes and procedures. Just as the Earth itself can be immovable, so too can the Earth element when pushed outside of the established norms. Maintaining a solid structure and system gives the Earth type a sense of duty. Cubicles will give the Earth types the comfort and structure of the traditional office type, but also allows for collaboration, especially when employees are grouped together by team or department. Additionally, the privacy aspect will result in uninterrupted work and process.

Want to find out which element type you align with? Take our free assessment here. Additionally, we offer Behavioral Elements trainings to help you and your organization Behave Intelligently. Contact us today for more information!

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