#ChooseToChallenge – Challenging Gender Bias and Inequality

It’s no secret that gender bias and inequality still exist in 2021. While the world has made some great strides in fighting the status quo (i.e. our first ever female, African American and South Asian American Vice President), there is still a large gap between how men and women are viewed and treated.

In 2021, we are taking the International Women’s Day pledge and #choosetochallenge and call out gender bias and inequality. Whether it’s in the workplace or in your everyday life, Coeus Creative Group is sharing a few tips on how to go about doing so in a behaviorally intelligent way.


Understand that Bias Runs Deep

We are all subject to our own individual biases, but in order to overcome them, we have to understand that bias runs deep. There are a variety of demographics that shape our personal biases including geographical location, beliefs and morals, our ethnicity- the list goes on and on. However, this doesn’t mean our biases are unchangeable. It means we have to put the work in to disrupt bias in ourselves and others. When we’re speaking out against gender inequality, take a moment to open the floor for a deeper conversation; why does this person think the way they do? Understanding this person’s bias will help you better explain to them why their words or actions are harmful.


Give Women a Voice

Coming together is the only way to successfully fight inequality. Gender inequality is not a women’s problem, it’s everyone’s problem. Women are less likely to be given speaking time and are penalized socially and professionally for speaking about their personal experiences when they do. It’s important that when possible, you should give women the platform the speak out on their experiences and injustices. Give them the support they need to feel comfortable in taking the stage to speak out.


Recognize and Celebrate Women’s Accomplishments

A common way women experience inequality is through their accomplishments. We chastise them for self-promotion, when instead, we should be highlighting their credentials and accomplishments. Not only that, we are selective on what we see as accomplishments. Having a baby is not celebrated the same way as receiving a promotion. Make a point to celebrate ALL the wins for women, no matter how big or small.

Gender inclusivity takes more than just speaking out against inequality, it’s about changing our behaviors. When we start to recognize our behaviors and make a positive change, we are one step closer to a more inclusive world.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Coeus Creative Group on Monday, March 8th! Tag us in your IWD photos holding up a hand showing that you #choosetochallenge.

By Madison Bennett and Michelle McGrann

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