Not Feeling Productive in Quarantine? Me Neither

By Madison Bennett

Everyone in Michigan, and other states or countries with stay-at-home orders, are stuck in quarantine…. but what does that look like for most people?

For some, it’s organization, deep cleaning, projects, working out, and an endless amount of productivity. On the other hand, many people are feeling lethargic, anxious, depressed, and lacking the energy to do much.

While we might strive to be that can-do person turning their time at home due to the pandemic into a positive, it’s okay to be the opposite, which is where I’ve found myself lately. I have those days I find the urge to empty out my closet, spring clean the house, and reorganize my fridge; more often though, I have days where I am feeling anxious and depressed over the global situation.

When I am having those tough days, I have found that changing my behaviors can help change my mindset. Here are a few things I like to do to make myself feel better:

Getting Outside

Living in Michigan, this time of year is usually filled with gloomy weather as we move into spring. On the days we do have sunshine and clear skies, I like to go on a walk or run, bring my work outside, or spend the evening reading a book on my porch. Changing your environment can do a lot to change your perspective. Whatever activity you might like to do, like painting, taking it outside and getting some fresh air helps keep the stir crazy feeling at bay.

Yoga and Meditation

Stress is inevitable right now and to help control it, I do yoga and meditation to keep my body moving and clear my mind. Engaging in healthy behavior like exercise can lower your stress hormones, causing you to feel better. Thanks to modern technology, there are many online resources for this and free videos to follow along to on YouTube. Many premium exercise outlets, like Peloton and Fitbit Premium, are offering 90-day free trials, giving you access to their vast library to increase your endorphins and boost your mood.


I am definitely not the “write-down my feelings” type, but I do bullet journal, which allows me to write down goals, keep a schedule, and track things like my mood and workouts. I use this as an outlet to check on myself and de-clutter my brain. Journaling can have a positive effect on your behavior and mental well-being. It can allow you to analyze your feelings and behaviors and explore solutions to influence and control your thoughts. If you want to learn more about bullet journals, Pinterest is a great resource!

Chat with a Friend and/or Loved One

I don’t write down my feelings, let alone share them with other people often, but I learned the hard way last year going through some personal and professional struggles that sometimes you need to open up. Even if you don’t want to talk about being depressed and anxious, just chatting with a friend or family member about nonsense can change your outlook. Communication builds feelings of connection with others and can help especially when you feel isolated and stressed.

Doing Absolutely Nothing

Sometimes it just feels good to do absolutely nothing and be in your feels. Binge watch Tiger King on Netflix, scroll through social media, lay in bed and stare at the ceiling; this is also a form of self-care!

It’s okay to be productive and it’s also okay do the bare minimum sometimes. What’s important is to do what feels best for you and don’t let anyone else’s quarantine journey affect yours. We’re all in this together!

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